“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”
— Vincent Van Gogh

Hello! It's so nice to have you around.

My name is Ana Luiza Ornelas. I'm a Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Barcelona while exploring my passion for everything that is visual and made with love. I'm currently working for the Graphic Design team at Mango. Previously I worked for the Design and Art division at Editorial Planeta, also for DM9DDB, Lola MullenLowe and Travelweek Sao Paulo.

I have a degree in Marketing & Advertising from ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil, but decided to move from the business area and follow my dreams - and this means a lot of colorful markers, watercolor paper, brushes and many pens of various thicknesses. All this does wonders in my life.

With all that in mind, I made a decision to move to Barcelona. From Elisava Design School of Barcelona I got a Master's Degree, which consisted in two post graduate programs: Graphic Design for Communications and Graphic Design for Editorial Projects. Then I decided to keep studying, so I'm a part of Elisava's 2015 Illustration and Comic Postgraduate class.

Different cultures, languages, and lifestyle particularities absolutely blow my mind. I have lived in Madrid, studying Fine Arts for 6 months, and also had the pleasure of spending part of my life in the USA, meeting amazing people. Now it's time for Barcelona and the other places to come.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
If you would like to collaborate or to commission work, please feel free to contact me anytime.


[+34] 692 507 311